Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

tHAts WHAt's fELL


Ø wHaT I tHoUGhT waSn'T mInE
iN tHe LiGhT
WaSn'T OnE oF a kINd,
a pReCiOuS pEarL
wHeN i wAntEd tO cRy
i cOuLdn't CauSe i
WaSn't aLLowEd

Ø GoMeNaSai fOr eVeRyTHinG
Gomenasai, I kNOw I LeT U dOWn
GoMenaSai till tHE eNd
I nEveR nEedEd a FrieNd
LiKe i dO nOw

Ø wHAt i tHOuGht waSn’T aLL
So iNnOcEnt
wAS a DeLicAte doLL
oF pOrCeLAin
wHen i wANtEd tO cALL U
aND aSK U fOR a hELp
I StoPped mYseLF

Ø GoMenaSai FoR eVErYtHinG
GoMenaSAi i kNow I Let U dOWn

Ø GoMenaSai till tHE eNd
I NEveR nEEdeD a FrieND
LiKe I dO kNOw

Ø wHat I ThouGHt wAs a DreAm
A miRaGe
waS a rEaL aS iT sEemeD
a pRiViLaGe
wHeN I WanTEd tO teLL U
i MadE a MisTAkE
I waLkeD aWay
GoMeNaSai, FoR eVeryThinG
GoMeNaSai, GoMeNaSai

Ø I nEVer nEEdEd a FriEnd
LiKe I Do nOw

Ø GoMeNaSai, i Let U dOWn
GoMeNASai, GoMEnaSai, Gomenasai till tHE eND, I NEvER nEeDeD a FrieND
LikE I dO nOw

tHu YaNG na fELLs sKRnG,,,
iF,,, nO!!!
suPPoUSe,, itS hMm,, fOrGet iT!

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